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Customers expect your website to be secure - you should never try to take personal information without securing the connection with an SSL Certificate. The certificate on your website will cause the browers to setup a secure and encrypted connection between your customer's web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) and the webserver - this will prevent customer's information from be 'sniffed' as it passes through the internet. Customers expect to have their information secured when giving personal info such as social security number, credit cards etc. We use and recommend RapidSSL certificates as the best value for money solution. Other certicifates you might consider:
  • Rapid SSL (our choice)
  • Instant SSL (affordable)
  • Verisign SSLs (pricey)
  • Thawte SSLs (pricey again)
You can either purchase your own SSL and install it, or call us and we'll take care of it - $30 setup, plus the cost of the certificate.

Contact us today for an SSL certifcate installation on your website!

*- a dedicated SSL certificate required a dedicated IP address for your website - these are included in Business Plans, not available to budget plans, and cost $2.50 per month for all other plans.

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